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covering the infrared to ultraviolet spectrum
Dye and Titanium Sapphire Laser
HT LASER offers a variety of computer-assisted laser systems from the manufacturer Tekhnoscan. Our systems cover the entire optical spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet.
Our tunable single-frequency lasers, such as dye, solid state (Ti: Sa) and hybrid lasers are used worldwide in scientific fields such as atomic cooling, spectroscopy, nanotechnology, etc.
275 - 350 nm / 550 - 700 nm
350 - 525 nm / 695 - 1050 nm
275 - 1100 nm
266 nm / 532 nm / 1064 nm
Nano, Piko, Femto
We offer a wide range of lasers with application solutions, both wide-tunable single-frequency CW lasers and pulsed lasers in the pico, nano, femto range. Setting up the comprehensive consultation and paying attention to your individual wishes and requirements, we will find a suitable solution for you.
The offered systems are kept up-to-date with state-of-the-art developments and further optimized, guaranteeing reliability, resilience and ease-of-use.
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