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Pulsed laser does not emit photons continuously, but in periodic pulses. Pulsed laser is used in all applications where the highest possible power density or high time resolution is required, such as in nonlinear optics, spectroscopy and others. We offer both solid-state pulsed lasers (Ti:Sapphire) and fiber (Erbium or Ytterbium) pulsed lasers.

pulse laser
pulse laser

Wavelength           750-950 nm
Pulse width           25-45 fs
Average power     400 mW (5 W pump power)
Repetition rate      0-100 MHz

fiber laser

Pulse width             500 fs - 3 ns
Pulse energy          up to zu 5 uJ
Repetition rate        up to zu 30 kHz

Fiber laser Ytterbius

Pulse width             400fs/10ps
Wavelength            1060-1115 nm
Repetition rate        5-10 MHz

Fiber laser Erbius

Pulse width        < 100 fs
Wavelength       1560 +/-10 nm und 780 +/-5 nm
Power                up to 250 mW (> 1 W amplified)
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